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10 Worthy Future Trends in Data

DAT - Portada - Ebook 10 Future data trends - 4-1

“Free guide” 10 Worthy Future Trends in Data

Discover the best data-related practices for the next decade!

What are the future tendencies that will drive value and will motivate the development of cross-industry organizations? 

In this detailed guide, you will find the top 10 future trends in data, which are worth looking into, according to technology and data experts. Those will not only shape the future of data-driven companies but will also become primary tools for acquiring competitive advantage in a number of industries. 

Some of the subjects covered are: 

  • What is the future value of Dark Data
  • What is the significance of Data fabric
  • Is Master Data management a MUST for the future
  • Why is Deep Learning the new era of Machine Learning? 
  • What is the importance of Edge computing
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