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Free Whitepaper: Delivering value from hidden data with Datumize and Intel IoT Gateway

With Datumize and Intel, manufacturing and logistics organizations, as well as many other industries, can uncover the previously hidden data to support growth, reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and help achieve operational excellence.
Intel Whitepaper
  The Challenge  

According to IDC, “Unstructured content accounts for 90 percent of all digital information. This content is locked and when connected and used properly, such information typically can help increase revenue, reduce costs,or bring products to market faster.”

 The Solution

Datumize has created an innovative solution—powered by an Intel architecture-based IoT gateway—designed to recover dark data and transform it into relevant information that supports better manufacturing and logistics decisions.

 The Benefit

The Datumize and Intel solution provides the manufacturing and logistics industries with advanced metrics, dashboards, and alerts based on dark data that could not previously be accessed.


Free download Intel Whitepaper